Various Other Museums and Tours

There are several museums that are very interesting, and if you like to walk through museums – or just need a place to duck out of the heat – these are certainly worth the price of admission.

Lighthouse & Keeper’s Quarters – Great place to learn about early Key West.  The view at the top of the Lighthouse is one of the best in town.  It is 88 steps to the top and if you suffer from hight anxiety – like I do – this may be scary!  But, I survived and Kevin took really great pictures.  I hugged the wall and didn’t veer too close to the edge, but I must say, I would have really missed out if I hadn’t climbed those 88 steps!

Key West Lighthouse

Custom House – this is a great place to see Key West art and learn how the economy of the Island has transformed from wreckers, to sponges, to turtles and then tourism with the completion of the railroad.

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum – Do you want to see some of the treasures pulled from the sea by Mel Fisher?  This is the place.  It was featured on “Mysteries of the Museum” and allows you an opportunity for a behind the scene tour as well.

Key West Garden Club – West Martello Tower – We stumbled upon this place when we were out on a bike ride.  The ladies who sit by the door were great!  We had a great conversation about what grows in Key West and what kind of flowers they miss growing.  If you love to garden or are looking for a peaceful place to rest, this will fill the bill.

Shipwreck Treasure Museum – This starts off with a guided tour – guided by actors who tell a great story of how wreckers made money and how Key Westers were able to buy items at auction.  Where else can you pick up a silver bar?  Climb to the top of the tower (sits at 65 feet) and enjoy the 360 degree views.  You can get a real sense of how big cruise ships are when looking up at them from the tower!

Key West Cemetery – I have been to a lot of cemeteries.  My family, growing up, found them a must see stop on all of our road trips.  This one is really cool.  There is a walking tour that takes you through the cemetery and points out various interesting sites.  The best is the grave stone that says “I told you I was sick”.  I think we all have a relative that will have that on their gravestone!

Gravestone at Key West Cemetery

Key West Historical Walking Tour – If you are a history nut, Key West offers a lot to learn and explore.  This walking tour takes you through Old Town and provides you an opportunity to call a phone number, listed on each of the markers, to learn more about the house or stop long the tour.  We stopped in front of the John Dewey house and learned how much he really loved Key West.  The Hirsh Cigar Factory is really interesting to explore.  Pick up a Historic Key West Marker Tour map while visiting in town, there are over 70 stops along the tour, so you can see as little or as much as you want.

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