Healthy Hummus

There is something about dipping vegetables into a creamy dip.  But, that is not too great for the waistline.  So, I came up with this healthy dip.  It is my play on hummus.  Traditional hummus calls for tahini, but I had a very difficult time finding it in my local grocery store.  When I finally found tahini, it was pretty expensive.  So, I tried making hummus without the tahini, and it was very good.  It isn’t as smooth and creamy as traditional hummus, but this is very tasty dip for vegetables and naan bread.

Step 1:

Drain a can of chickpeas (I like to use the reduced sodium version).  Reserve the liquid.

Step 2:

Add the drained chickpeas, salt, lemon juice, garlic and Sriracha to a blender.  Add a little bit of the reserved liquid … not too much here because you want the mixture to be thick and smooth, not runny.  If you don’t like spicy hummus, don’t add the Sriracha.

Healthy Hummus Recipe

Step 3:

I serve with cut up vegetables and naan bread.

Healthy Hummus Recipe


1 can chickpeas; drained.  Reserve the liquid.

1 teaspoon salt; or to taste

2 cloves garlic

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tablespoon Sriracha; or to taste


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