Hobo’s Cafe

If you are driving down to Key West, you will more than likely need to stop for lunch or dinner.  Hobo’s Cafe, in Key Largo, is a must stop place.  The atmosphere is very Key like… a smaller one room restaurant with an outdoor patio.  Keep in mind, the place is a well known “secret”, so you may need to wait a little bit for a table, but it really is worth the wait.

Hobo's Cafe, Key Largo

The restaurant is located on the north side – so if you are heading down to Key West, you will need to make a u-turn.

We stopped for the Florida Stone Crab and a bite before heading down the road.  The fish sandwich was perfectly prepared; not fried but baked.  The Stone Crab was amazing as well.

Stone Crab, Hobo's Cafe, Key Largo

Be sure to check out the great variety of draft beers on tap.

The owner’s were very helpful and the waitstaff couldn’t have been any nicer.  On your next trip down (or up) stop by Hobo’s Cafe and let us know what you think.


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