3 Reasons Irish Kevin’s Key West is Still One of My Favorites

Irish Kevin’s Key West is iconic.  It’s a must see stop for a lot of first time visitors to Key West.  But, I still find Irish Kevin’s Key West one of my favorites.  Why?  Well, 3 reasons…

Irish Kevin's key west

The Entertainment

Some of the best entertainment can be found at Irish Kevin’s.  It’s not all about the music, but really, the entertainment.  Each performer is talented… very talented.  But, they engage the crowd and make an afternoon spent at the bar seem like a vacation destination.  No kidding, you wander in off Duval and are transported to a place where time stops.  In this time warp, Jeff Harris tells stories about Waffle House and John Solinski encourages you to pay him not to play Free Bird.

The crowd is involved from the very beginning.  Either welcoming new comers to the bar as they walk in off of Duval or singing the chorus of a favorite song.  A word of caution… don’t be caught looking or playing with your phone.  Trust me, the entertainers watch the crowd to point this out.  More than one patron has been spotted!

Irish Kevin's key west

The Web Cams

I know you all watch the antics of Key West when at home through the various web cams located around town.  How?  Well, I am guilty of it too.  Irish Kevin’s offers two webcams for your viewing pleasure.  The Stage and Duval.  Each web cam lets you peek in on the fun.  The stage webcam points directly at the stage… I know pretty obvious.

The Bar web cam gives a view of the bar as if you were looking in from Duval.  Watch the crowd and try not to get caught up in their fun!  Duval web cam points from Irish Kevin’s out to Duval.  See what those on the street are doing as they pass by Irish Kevin’s.

Irish Kevin's key west

The Booze

Yep, probably one of my top reasons I keep going back.  The beer is always cold… really cold.  It’s actually the only place I order Harp on draft.  Not in the mood for beer?  They have a great list of specialty cocktails.  The bartenders and servers are very helpful if you are not too sure what you want to drink.  For example, I have gone in and asked for something light, not too filling, and not too sweet.  Our server brought a light version of the Blueberry Lemonade and it was spot on!

Irish Kevin's key west

Overall, Irish Kevin’s Key West is and probably will always be one of my favorites.  Probably because, well I’m married to a Kevin and, we’re Irish.  So you could say I am partial to a place called Irish Kevin’s.  It’s a place to go relax, hear great music, be entertained, and drink great beer.  Their slogan is “I Came… I Drank… I Don’t Remember” and I can attest… to all of the above.

What about you?  What place do you always stop at while in Key West?

Irish Kevin's key west

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