The Roost – A Liquor Store Serving Great Cocktails

The Roost, your “friendly neighborhood liquor store with classic cocktails, fine wine and small bites”.  Doesn’t that sound… awesome?  It is; and my new find off of Duval.  I spend a lot of time seeking out places off of Duval.  It’s a really hard job, but someone has to do it… right?  Because of this hard work, I can report back to you on where you should go while in Key West.  I, of course, want you to explore those areas off of Duval.  This is no exception.

Cozy…. not small

This place is cozy, which I don’t want you to mistake for small.  It’s romantic, it’s quiet, it’s perfect for a few cocktails with friends.  It’s… all the above.  Located at 508 Fleming Street, you may miss it when you walk by.  Not too much fanfare on the outside to  the wonderful hidden treasure found inside.

the roost

A liquor Store

This really is a liquor store.  The bookshelves are filled with beautiful bottles of liquor and a cooler offers a great selection of beer.  It’s not a sterile white industrial looking liquor store, it’s warm, cozy and very inviting.  Not sure what you want or need, just ask.  The folks here are top notch.

the roost

You had me at classic cocktails…

I am a sucker for a great cocktail.  At home, I stick to the traditional choices … which are cheap to make.  Gin and tonics, vodka and whatever; you get the point.  But, I love the art of the cocktail.  Watching a bartender craft a drink is a lost art form.  At The Roost, you can see up close the art and then taste the creations.

At our visit, Annette, was the artist.  She created the best drinks for our enjoyment.  We met our friends here and we settled in for a long cocktail hour.  Talking about this and that and enjoying the quiet space around us.  The Sazerac was the drink of choice for the men that evening.  Made with cognac, whiskey, bitters and Absinthe it is a robust drink.

the roost

I began the evening with the See You Next Tuesday.  It’s made with Key West Distilling Gin, cucumber, lemon and Amaro Montenegro.  This drink is smooth, light and sneaks right up on you.  Aptly named, after a few of these, along with the house drink of the day, and no dinner, I made my way home and drifted off early to bed.  But, hey, happens to the best of us… especially in Key West.

the roost

Your plans?

You should plan to stop by The Roost the next time you are in Key West.  Pick up a bottle, or try an expertly crafted cocktail, trust me… you won’t be disappointed.


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