KeKe Margarita

This simply is Key West in a glass.  The hint of key lime from the KeKe Beach Key Lime Liquor mixed with the flavors of a margarita.  Mix one up today and you will be transported back to Key West!  KeKe Key Lime Liquor is sometimes hard to find.  Outside of Florida, it took us several trips before we found a liquor store that carries this wonderful concoction, but let me say it is worth it!

KeKe Margarita Recipe

Step 1:

In a shaker combine: ice,tequila, triple sec, KeKe and Sweet and Sour Mix.

Step 2:

Shake and pour into glass.


1 cup ice

1 oz tequila

1 oz tripe sec

1 1/2 oz KeKe Key Lime Liquor

3 oz Sweet and Sour Mix (we make our own…. it makes a huge difference in how this drink tastes!)

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