Key West Addict

When you are on vacation mornings are a lot different than at home.  Why is that?  I know, we have duties and mornings, for most people, are a mad dash to get ready  and out the door.  But, what if we stopped and started treating every morning like we were on vacation?  Imagine what a wonderful world we would live in.

Sunrise in Key West

Watching the sunrise …

What??? I know, I haven’t fallen off the edge of reality, but think about it.  When we are in Key West, we get up, usually before sunrise and race off to meet the sun before it rises above the horizon.  Then head over for a wonderful, freshly made cup of Cuban coffee.  Take in the sounds, sights and prepare for a wonderful day on the island.  How does that compare when we are away from Key West?  We get up, way after sunrise, and sit in the chair, watching mindless TV until the coffee is brewed.  Then after several hours of trying to wake up, we begin to make our way through the day.  I cannot even imagine waking up before sunrise when I am not in Key West.  Really, why?  What’s there to see?

Cuban Coffee Queen, Key West

A great cup of Cuban coffee!

How about life?  How about the wonders that surround us?  Yep, went philosophical on you there… but mornings truly set the tone for the rest of the day.  Why not decide to make everyone one of them perfect?

Speaking of perfect, where do you get your perfect cup of morning coffee when in Key West?  Do you wander over to Cuban Coffee Queen, how about Sandy’s or The Best Coffee In Town?  Do you sit down and read the paper, or do you take your cup and wander the streets?  Or are you grabbing a smoothie hoping it heals your hurting head because you have a horrible case of the Duval flu? Whatever your poison is sit and close your eyes (well, squint so you can keep reading) and take in your surroundings.  That feeling you have, shall we stretch it and say “contentment” is why we month after month, year after year, keep coming back to Key West.  It’s not the beach, it’s not Duval, it’s not the food, it’s that feeling you have while sipping your morning coffee… come on, admit it, I know it’s not just me that feels this way.

Key West

Yep… it’s a state of mind…

Key West is an attitude, it’s a lifestyle… it’s our dream, our passion.  We are not happy with just any beach town, it has to be Key West.  When you look at options to move to Florida, it’s not just Florida it’s how close to Key West can we get…  Yep, we understand, we get it… we are also part of the support group…. Key West or bust.  Hi, my name is…. I am a Key West addict.


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