Disposable Underwater Camera and Snorkeling

Key West is a fantastic place to snorkel and view the coral and marine life. This could be at the local beach or on a charter tour. On my trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park, I purchased a disposable camera they were selling on the Ferry boat that took us to the park. This was my first time using an underwater disposal camera. When in the water trying to swim, breath, look around, and look through the little view finder in the camera is a challenge. Like chewing gum and walking as they say. So for the most part I just pointed the camera a took my shot and hoped for the best when I developed the film.

Here is a few of my pictures I was able to capture while swimming in the South Coaling Dock Ruins area.

Dry Tortugas snorkeling, FL

Tarpon swimming by

This big boy got my heart excited to see him swim right past me. This shoot was well worth the small price of the camera. Look at the details of the scales on the fish and it is in focus for an action shot. I was very impressed with this picture.

Dry Tortugas snorkeling

Small fry school of fish

I was really surprised of the clarity with camera. The water is very clear at the Dry Tortugas Park. Picture of school of fish swimming by. You will see many schools like theses little guys.

Snorkeling at the Dry Tortugas, FL

Parrot Fish eating and creating sand for the beach

I really enjoyed watching the Parrot fish. They look like they are smiling at you, or they maybe laughing at my snorkeling skills.

They did not get spooked by my swimming and taking their pictures.

Tidbit Fact: Much of the crystal white sand forming tropical beaches is formed by Parrot fish poop. The Parrot fish will eat coral looking for the algae on it and after digesting the coral it is excreted as sand.

Tip: Snorkeling equipment. I used the air vest that is optional to use. I did find this helped keep me stable in taking pictures. Now the vest can limit you from driving quickly, but you can add or let air out as needed.

Overall, go buy an underwater disposable camera to take some pictures of your underwater adventure. On my next snorkeling adventure at Fort Zack, I am going to buy another disposable to take some pictures of the fish there. Along the beach you will find the small tropical fish you see in your aquarium. Out by the rocks you will see larger fish such as snapper, barracuda, and maybe a manatee swim.



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