Smokin’ Tuna Saloon

The Smokin’ Tuna is probably a place you won’t find on your first visit.  As you are walking down Duval Street, you pass the Red Garter Saloon with its mirrored windows, and looking across the street you will see Irish Kevin’s Bar then you may come across a person in the ally promoting a bar down the ally way…They will tell you to walk on down to the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon. The man may say they have live entertainment tonight or he may be handing out drink coupons. You may say ok and keep walking down Duval. This is what I did a few nights before I heard about this place from another couple.

Smokin' Tuna, Key West, FL

The Smokin’ Tuna Saloon offers a full menu restaurant and a outside bar area with live entertainment. Their motto is “We’re smokin’ Tuna.. and its legal” You have to go here.

As you walk in the outside court area you will find yourself under cover of a large tree in the center of the court area. You have the choice of a bar on each side of the  court. The bar on the left will be facing the stage with a live entertainer to play for your enjoyment and dancing , and the bar on the right will be a quiet area to have a conversation. This is a great place to sit down have a plastic cup of draft beer or a drink of your choice and enjoy the music.

Smokin' Tuna, Key West Florida

I find a lot of the local’s like this place to enjoy as well. This place welcomes a relaxed atmosphere. It is fun to sit under the big tree of cover of the bar. I have found the music talent excellent. I also wonder why it is not crowed in this place…well it is down the ally from Duval Street and many people miss it is my thought.

Smokin Tuna, Key West

Now you know…in Key West check this place out, the Smokin Tuna . Right now you can go to their website and click on their webcam to check out the action and can see the stage and hear the music if they are playing. I do this on many nights.

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