Drunken S’mores Shake

My latest obsession is adult milkshakes.  Not the best for the waistline, but they are one really good indulgence!!  Even in the middle of a winter snow storm, you can crave ice cream …. and who wants to have just a simple bowl of ice cream when you can have a wonderful, alcohol filled shake?  This is a great example … the Drunken S’mores Shake.  Brings back memories of the summer campfire, hmm….. what great memories!

Drunken S'mores Shake

Step 1:

Combine vanilla vodka, creme de cacao (dark) and ice cream in a blender.  Blend until smooth and thick.

Step 2:

Rim the inside of the glass with chocolate sauce and pour in the shake.

Step 3:

Add whipped cream and sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top or serve with a graham cracker on the side. (Optional … top with several mini marshmallows)

Drunken S'mores Shake Recipe

As you can see, I chose to insert a graham cracker in mine, instead of crumbling it on top.  I like to use it to dig through all of that wonderful whipped cream.


2 1/2 oz vanilla vodka

2 1/2 oz creme de cacao

4 scoops good quality chocolate ice cream

2 tablespoons chocolate syrup (you can use hot fudge sauce if you want it a little thicker)

Graham Crackers – 2 crumbled or left whole

Handful of mini marshmallows – optional

This recipe makes 2 nice sized shakes

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