Ever Changing Sculptures in Key West

Have you noticed the sculptures around the Custom House change; frequently?  These beautiful works of art are created by Seward Johnson and are on display around the Custom House.  The latest addition was the large sculpture in front of the Custom House called “Embrace Peace”.  This statue captures the iconic moment on VE Day where the sailor grabs the nurse and kisses in celebration.  There is a lot of kissing happening in front the Custom House … everyone is staging a pose, just like the statue, for their pictures.  It is really entertaining to watch everyone try to capture the moment in their own special way.

Seward johnson

“Embrace Peace”

Who is Seward Johnson? Well, he is an American artist best known for his painted bronze statues.  He is the grandson to the founder of Johnson & Johnson and actually worked for the company until he was fired in 1962.  His art is seen all over the world and in Key West.  When you are in town, take time to walk around the Custom House and see what is on display.  Mr. Johnson captures people doing everyday activities, yet, makes them interesting.

Honestly I never really noticed they rotated in and out of Key West until I tried to go back and take a picture of one of the statues and it was … gone.  Yep, it was gone and another was in its place.  Here’s what’s in town currently…

Pondering the Benefits of Exercise

seward johnson

If you stand in front of this one long enough, you will see people actually try to join them for dinner.  The title of this piece is “Pondering the Benefits of Exercise”.  Since they don’t look like they are getting up anytime soon, I would say they chose not to ….

A little to the right

seward johnson

Right above those eating, are these folks.  They are looking at the cruise ships in port, possibly.  The title “A little to the Right” makes me think he is trying to tell her where to look for … who knows what.  But for a split second you will really think people are standing there looking at the cruise ships.

Los Mariachis

seward johnson

Next to the table are these guys.  They seem to be having so much fun.  In the evening, when you can hear the music drifting out onto the streets, you can almost imagine the tunes they are playing.

Shaping Up

seward johnson

This lady has her jogging suit on and is rocking out on her headphones.  She is in front of the Custom House, but stay out of her way, she is trying to get all of her steps in for the day!

Memorable Date

seward johnson

These two are at the end of a date… it seems to have gone well.

I find it very entertaining to walk around all of the statues and imagine their story… who are they and what’s their story.  I also enjoy watching others circle around and pose for a picture.  Sometimes they insert themselves into the sculpture and other times not.  Stop by and capture your own moment with these statues the next time you are in town.

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