Green Drinks and Mallory Square

If you spend any time at all in Key West, you will end up watching sunset down at Mallory Square.  While down there, you, of course, will probably enjoy a beverage or two.  I have to admit, I do partake in a few during the sunset celebration.  But, don’t miss the chance to enjoy one of Jimmy Magoo’s famous Green Drinks.


Green Drinks, Sunset Celebration, Mallory Square, Key West

These drinks are awesome and believe it our not, I stumbled upon them accidentally.  See, Jimmy works out of a bar-truck in front of the Westin.  (What?  Bar-truck?  It looks like an older truck with wooden sides converted into a bar!)  Anyway, every night I would see people line up to buy drinks from the place and I thought to myself, this place must make a great drink.  Well, when it was my turn I saw the KeKe Key Lime Liqueur on the shelf and asked what he made using that … well, the rest is history.  Voila – the Green Drink.

Mallory Square, Key West, FL

The sad part is it is very hard to find the KeKe Liqueur out of Florida and give up on trying to find Kiwi Passion Fruit concentrate… So, enjoy a few (or more) the next time you are celebrating Sunset at Mallory Square!


1 1/2 oz Bacardi Limon

2 oz KeKe Key Lime Liqueur

Dash of lime juice

2 oz Kiwi Passion Fruit juice (concentrate is best)

Cup of ice

Blend all ingredients until smooth in a blender.  Serve and enjoy!

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