Key Lime Pie Company, more than a slice of pie

I totally geek out on business shows.  I love to see how companies start, struggle and then achieve the American Dream. That said, I am a true fan of The Profit. In one of the earlier seasons, Marcus Lemonis went to Key West to help Jim Brush and Alison Sloat of the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.  So, of course, that means, I had to check out the store while in Key West.

Key West Key Lime Pie Company

What to Expect

It’s been updated.  Today, you walk into reclaimed wood walls and an open kitchen.  You can see the pies being made.  Plus, there is a lot of room to sit down and eat a slice of pie.  That is good, especially on really hot days in Key West.  A cool place to sit, relax and enjoy a slice of pie.  I would definitely call that heaven.

When you walk in, all you see is the company’s focus… Key Lime Pies.  Plus, there are many options to choose from.  A slice of pie, a mini pie, chocolate dipped, you name it, your Key Lime Pie craving will be satisfied.

We had the mini Key West Key Lime Pie Company pie.  Half of it was gone before I could even snap the picture.  It had a different texture than others in town but has a full Key Lime flavor punch.  They top theirs with whipped topping, versus meringue.  So, be prepared those of you who love meringue!

Key West Key Lime Pie Company

Pie Class!

Here’s an interesting twist, you can take a class to learn how to make Key Lime pies … and then eat your creation!  That’s a sweet idea while in Key West.  You can book your class here.  During the class, you will learn how to make their award-winning all-natural ingredient pie and then get to eat your mini pie!  Imagine, learning the secrets and then recreating that sweet treat at home.

Where to Find

The store is located at 511 Greene Street and they have not only been featured on The Profit but also went head to head with Bobby Flay on the Food Network’s Show, Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

Stop by for a slice, or two, and let me us know your thoughts.

In case you are curious here is the first part of The Profit Show:



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