Key West Express – Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Are you coming to Key West from Fort Meyers or the Marco Island area?  Key West Express offers a fun way to travel to Key West.  This ferry takes you straight into Key West for a one day or multi day trip … your choice.

key west express


The ferry leaves from Fort Meyers all year round and Marco Island seasonally.  Each location offers parking.  The Marco Island location does have free parking.

The ferry docks at the City Bight (100 Grinnell Street) in Key West.  There are usually taxis available but you are centrally located to downtown Key West if you would prefer to walk.

What Can you Bring?

You can bring on board two carry on suitcases.  If any of your luggage ends up being oversize, there is an extra fee.  Have a pet you want to bring along?  They are welcome too …. subject to an additional fee.  Plan to do biking while in Key West?  Feel free to bring it along too… just make sure it’s a non-motorized kind!

What to Expect on Board

Key West Express has tried to ensure your ride to and from Key West is as comfortable as possible.  They do not oversell the ferry so there is always going to be a seat for you on board.  There are sundecks to allow you to take in the wonderful views of the Gulf of Mexico as you travel.  If you prefer, the inside areas are air conditioned, with comfy chairs.

There is a full bar on board serving cocktails for the journey.  Light fare foods are also available … think hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.  To enjoy a drink or a bite to each, bring cash as they only accept cash.  There are large tv’s on board connected to satellite tv.

Why take the Ferry?

If you want to explore Key West for a day trip… the ferry travels to and from Key West in one day.  But, you can go down one day and turn another, so lots of freedom to plan your trip.

Also, the fares are much cheaper than flying into Key West.  Smaller commuter flights can be quite expensive and this is a reasonably priced alternative.  Click here to check out how to book online and save!

The ferry always you to sit back, relax, take in the view, and enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat which you could not do if you were driving down.

No matter the reason, the Key West Express is a great option to travel to Key West.

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