Louie’s Backyard – A slice of Key West Paradise

Every visitor to Key West has their favorite spot.  A spot that feels like Key West to them.  A spot they dream about when not in Key West.  My spot?  Louie’s Backyard.  This place is a true slice of Key West paradise.  My screen saver on my work computer is the view from the deck.   I get to look at that view every day, even if I am not in Key West.

louie's backyard

I have often wondered why this is my spot and I think it boils down to a few things.  First, it’s out of the way.  Louie’s Backyard is not located on Duval.  It’s a little off the beaten path and not part of the typical tourist stops.  Have to admit, we always walk to Louie’s.  I go for the view, but really, it’s the view and the beer.  So, a bike ride over, means I am still walking back.  Might as well, just walk over to begin with.  By the way, it’s not a short walk.  Located at 700 Waddell Street, your a few blocks from the Southernmost beach.  If your hotel is on the other end of Duval, you have quite a hike.  But, I must say, it’s always worth the walk.

Second, it’s on the ocean.  Really, a deck that overlooks the ocean.  You can hear the waves.  Watch the waves.  You get it.  Next to the deck is Dog Beach and I am always fascinated by the dogs and their humans who come to the beach.  The dogs have so much fun playing in the ocean.  They are always entertaining.  The view will mesmerize you.  As far as you can see is ocean.  You really feel like you are at the end of the world.

Third, well, it’s the beer.  Not the best priced in town, but it’s always cold and they have a nice selection.  Given my go to is Bud Light, I am not very picky.  But, if you prefer a mixed drink or a boat drink, they serve those as well.  The gin and tonics are wonderful.  I know, not a typical tropical drink, but on a hot day, it’s refreshing.  Can’t vouch for the food.  Have never eaten at Louie’s Backyard, but it does get rave reviews for lunch and dinner. I’m a purist, like the place for a drink and the view.

louie's backyard

When in town, we always stay in Old Town.  Have never stayed on the beach, by the beach or near the beach.  We choose to stay near the action instead of the beach.  So, this is my beach view.  My tropical validation I am really on an Island.   When you walk down Duval it’s hard to imagine you are on an Island.  The beach isn’t close and you don’t hear the waves.  But, when I make it to Louie’s …. I am on an Island…. I am in paradise.

louie's backyard

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