The Neighborhood Store – Historic Walking Tour

This was built originally as a grocery store for the neighborhood.  As in most towns, it was very common to find a laundry, drug store, billiard hall, dry good store, coffee shop, ice cream parlor and bakery in the many neighborhoods in Key West.  These places were considered informal gathering places where peopled could visit, catch up on gossip and the latest news.  The Neighborhood Store is on the historic walking tour and is located at 600 Frances Street at the corner of Frances and Southard Streets.

Neighborhood store

Built in 1884 it was located on a corner for maximum street exposure.  The building is  a story and a half with the living quarters over the shop.  This style was very common in most neighborhoods in Key West.  These stores were very important, at the time, as streets were unpaved and most people’s form of transportation was by foot.  The neighborhood store was important because it was difficult to travel very far for groceries.

Today, Key West’s neighborhoods are a little larger, but are still full of character, much like they were long ago.

Old Town

This is the heart of historic Key West and where you will find most of the tourist attractions, restaruants and nightlife; especially along Duval.  This is a very walkable neighborhood and most its Key West residents love the convenience of living there.  Old Town borders White and Truman streets and the Gulf of Mexico.  The best way to get around is by bike, scooter or foot.

New Town

This neighborhood is mostly residential and many of the families who call this section home have lived here for generations.  The large grocery store (Publix), hardware stores (Home Depot), fast food and chain restaurants can be found here.  Homes here are larger and not as expensive as those in Old Town.

Bahama Village

Located in Old Town, southwest of White Street.  Petronia Street is the heart of this neighborhood.  This is one of the hippest places in Key West.  There are boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.  The famous Blue Heaven can be found here.

Historic Seaport

Northeast of Duval to the Key West Channel is the historic seaport.  Located in Old Town, this neighborhood has such iconic restaurants as Pepe’s and Harpoon Harry’s.

Casa Marina/The Beaches

Old Town is not considered oceanfront, that is reserved for the neighborhood called Casa Marnia (named after the famous resort located there – by the same name).  The feeling here is more residential with its more contemporary homes.  Stop off and enjoy and afternoon cocktail at Louie’s Backyard.

Truman Annex

This is a planned neighborhood named after the Truman Little White House.  Ideally located; as it is walking distance to Duval and the famous Sunset Celebration.


Centrally located in-between Old and New Town (why it’s called Mid-Town….)  This neighborhood is located between White and 6th streets.  It’s quiet residential streets provide an escape from the activities on Duval.

No matter what neighborhood you find yourself in, it’s all paradise… after all you are in Key West.


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