7 Curry Mansions – Historic Walking Tour

William Curry was Florida’s first millionaire.  He gave each of his children $10,000 to build a home of their own.  The result?  The Key West Historic district has seven beautiful mansions you can explore, visit and even spend the night at a few.

Curry Mansion

curry mansion

This is the location of the original Curry mansion.  The original structure was built by William Curry, but his son, Milton, tore down the original structure and built his own. Located at 511 Caroline Street.  Today it operates as a beautiful inn.

Dr. J. Yates Porter House

Dr. Joseph Yates Porter House, Key West, FL

Located at 429 Caroline.  Dr. Yates was Florida’s first health officer.  When Louisa Curry married Dr. Porter, she built this home.  Today, you can enjoy a great draft beer at The Porch or a cocktail from The Other Side.

Southernmost House

Southernmost House, Key West, FL

Located at 1400 Duval Street.  Florida Curry married Judge Vining Harris and used her funds to built this beautiful home on the Southernmost point.  Today, the home is a beautiful Inn with a great view of the Southernmost tip.

The Woman’s Club

Key West Woman's Club

Located at 319 Duval Street.  When Elouise Curry married Captain Hellings, they built this home.  Today, it’s the home of the Key West Woman’s Club.  Be sure to stop by for a tour, when open.

Fogarty Mansion

Fogarty Mansion

Located at 227 Duval Street.  Charles Curry’s gift to his daughter, Corrine, when she married Mr. Fogarty.  Today, stop by to enjoy a great meal from Fogarty’s or a great drink from the Flying Monkeys.

Robert Oliver Curry Mansion – Hard Rock Cafe

Located at 313 Duval Street.  Now the location of Hard Rock Cafe.  Robert was a fragile child most of his life.  When his father, William, died, he proceeded to squander most of the money.  Prior to building the home, Robert attended college in Miami where he met and married his wife Ann.  As a wedding gift, the home was built for Robert and Ann.  Unfortunately, Ann met someone else and divorced Robert.  Robert, having squandered the family money and being divorced, committed suicide in the upstairs bathroom.  To this day, there are reports of his ghost wandering the upstairs of this home.

George Curry Mansion

George curry mansion

Located at 622 Eaton Street.  Built by William’s son, George Henry in 1886.  George was the president of the family’s Key West Light and Power Company and the Key West Ice Company.

This tour will wander you through Caroline, Eaton and Duval Streets.  I would recommend ending the tour at the Southernmost House and enjoying a great cocktail by the beach!

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